What Happens If Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa Resigns

Sri Lanka Crisis: Sri Lanka is dealing with its worst financial disaster since gaining independence.


Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled his official residence as we speak shortly earlier than demanding the unprecedented the chief’s resignation amid an financial disaster overran the compound of the presidential palace in Colombo even coming into his close by workplace.

Shortly after Mr Rajapaksa was escorted to security, movies emerged of suitcases being loaded on a Sri Lanka Navy ship with native media claiming that the suitcases have been of the incumbent President.

Mr Rajapaksa’s sudden departure has raised questions as as to if he’ll stay in workplace and if not, what occurs subsequent within the crisis-hit nation.

What Sri Lankan Constitution says in case President resigns?

The Sri Lankan Constitution says that if the workplace of President turns into vacant previous to the expiration of his time period of workplace, Parliament shall elect the President from considered one of its members. The successor will maintain workplace for the remainder of the interval of the time period of the workplace of the resigning President.

How quickly will this course of be initiated?

Such a course of should be initiated inside a month of the President’s resignation.

How will the method happen?

Parliament ought to meet inside three days of the President’s resignation. At such a gathering, the Secretary-General of Parliament is required to tell the Parliament concerning the President’s resignation. If multiple particular person is nominated for the publish, a secret poll must be taken, and the particular person must be elected by an absolute majority of votes forged.

What occurs within the interval earlier than the collection of the brand new President?

According to the presidential line of succession in Sri Lanka, the subsequent in line to be President for the interval would be the Prime Minister. Thus Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe might change into the Acting President for lower than a month till the Parliament elects a brand new President. Till this time, the Prime Minister shall appoint one of many different ministers of the Cabinet to behave within the workplace of the Prime Minister, if wanted.

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