Ukraine Missile Takes Down Russian Helicopter

Russia has been struggling rising losses by the hands of the Ukrainian forces.

New Delhi:

An unbelievable video of a Russian Mi-24 helicopter being shot down by the Ukrainian forces utilizing a surface-to-air missile was posted by the Ukraine authorities on Saturday within the newest signal of Moscow’s mounting losses within the struggle.

According to stories, Russia has been going through better than anticipated resistance from Ukraine’s forces fitted with Western armoury.

Not simply plane, the Ukrainian army combating the a lot bigger Russian invasion power has been capable of kill lots of of Russian tanks and armored autos utilizing a hand-held anti-tank missile equipped by the US, stories have stated.

One Berlin-based Eastern Europe knowledgeable Sergej Sumlenny went so far as predicting that the Russian army may very well be “on the verge of collapse”.

“RU obviously has no reserves left: the tanks they send to the front are very old, without active armor, look like training machines. They do not have trucks, using civilian ones,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Russian flat-bombing of Ukrainian cities is the opposite of what a nation which is about to conquer its wealthy neighbor (and Ukrainian province is wealthier than Russia’s one) It is a sign of desperation. Exactly as the attempt to use Red-Cross- marked trucks as ammo transports,” he stated.

“Within the last days, the amount of Russian warplanes and helicopters shot by the Ukrainian army, is increased: at least 4 warplanes and 1 helicopter. We are in the 10th day of war, and the Ukrainian air defense is still working, and Russian pilots ( the elite of the elite) are dying,” Mr Sumlenny stated.

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Western sanctions have been akin to struggle as his forces pressed on with their assault on Ukraine, the place deliberate civilian evacuations from two besieged cities have been known as off.

Russia and Ukraine traded blame over the failure to offer protected passage to civilians fleeing the 2 bombarded cities, on the tenth day of a struggle that has fueled Europe’s largest humanitarian catastrophe in many years.

The struggle, which started with Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24, has despatched almost 1.5 million refugees fleeing westward into the European Union and provoked unprecedented worldwide sanctions on Moscow and warnings of a worldwide recession.

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