Ranj X Clifr is looping spacey beats with electro-pop and R&B

Indie-pop duo Ranj X Clifr are experimenting with chord progressions, and giving Ranj’s hometown Chennai a style of their new sound

Indie-pop duo Ranj X Clifr are experimenting with chord progressions, and giving Ranj’s hometown Chennai a style of their new sound

A few weeks in the past, Bengaluru-based indie-pop, R&B music duo Ranj X Clifr dropped their new single, Conversation, With spacey, rhythmic loops mounted on alternating vocals between blues and rap, the tune is 23-year-old music producer Clifr’s experiment with chord construction and progressions. “It’s mainly a guitar-driven song, but is stitched together with more than four chords, unlike our previous songs,” he says, accompanied by singer-songwriter Ranjani Ramadoss aka Ranj, 24.

The two had been a part of Carnatic fusion, jazz experimental band Kelvikkuri, and began making music collectively a couple of 12 months and a half in the past. “We wanted to try something outside the band. I started producing music and didn’t know if Ranj would want to rap. We first signed up for a competition and then started making music together. I kept producing music and she kept writing it,” says Clifr.

Clifr launched his debut solo undertaking in 2020, State ‘O’ Mind Feat. Lojal. It was adopted by EP 593 Vol.2 in 2021. He has collaborated with Ranj in over seven songs, together with 4 for the EP and three singles UNO, Mutual and Conversation. “Our songs express what we are feeling and going through life. So far, all our songs have been in English. I write in Tamil too,” says Ranj. To her, hip-hop is all about expressing oneself. Hip-hop has at all times been an indication of defiance and everybody connects with it, she shares. “When society was aggressive towards a certain community, hip-hop was aggressive. Now, Lamar’s socially conscious and Drake is in touch with his emotions. Hip-hop is always about the population expressing what it’s going through at that time. It’s a tool for social expression,” she says.

Ranj X Clifr

Ranj X Clifr | Photo Credit: Special association

Independent artists, says Ranj, principally make music for his or her household and associates. “Once you reach a certain place, you do get more money for performing. Until then, one works towards making music and collaborating. For instance, Clifr and rapper Tintin have collaborated and put out an album together.”

Originally from Chennai, Ranj is based in Bengaluru now. “There is a lot of love and support for original live music. People, even if they don’t follow you on social media, will come for your gig and those who are already in the music scene will push you,” she says, when requested concerning the music scene in Bengaluru. In Chennai, she says, it was very tough to determine your self as an unbiased musician alone. But, she provides, now rather a lot is altering.

Ranj X Clifr will be acting at SOCIAL, Mount Road, Chennai, on Sunday from 7pm onwards. Tickets for 399.

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