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Kolkata: No more PPE at private hospital non-Covid wardsKOLKATA: With the variety of covid sufferers sliding drastically throughout Kolkata’s personal hospitals, the latter have discontinued the obligatory use of full PPE and protecting gear for his or her well being staff in non-Covid wards which have seen a pointy rise in occupancy ever for the reason that third wave ebbed in late-January. Several hospitals that had been levying a PPE cost has withdrawn it for non-Covid sufferers this week.

While use of robes, masks, face-shields and gloves stay obligatory for docs and nurses at Covid wards, they’ve been discarded in every single place else at most hospitals. Since the variety of Covid sufferers has dropped and wards have been squeezed, the chance issue doesn’t warrant PPE any longer, say hospitals.

At Peerless Hospital, well being staff have been requested to make use of simply masks in every single place, aside from these visiting the Covid ward that now has lower than 10 sufferers. “We have discontinued the use of face-shields, gloves and gowns in non-Covid areas since the risk is very low. Till the third wave last month, transmission was happening very quickly and almost every second person was positive. Over the last four weeks, the situation has changed and we have seen a drop in Covid patients whose number is now negligible. So, we have allowed our health workers to wear just masks at non-Covid wards that have an 80% occupancy now,” mentioned CEO Sudipta Mitra. Peerless has withdrawn its PPE cost for non-Covid sufferers.

Ruby General Hospital, too, has relaxed its PPE rule for non-Covid sufferers since February 10. It has stopped charging for PPEs as nicely. Till final month, a each day cost of Rs 1,000 can be levied on all sufferers. “We have discontinued the use of full PPE since it’s no longer necessary. With the number of patients coming to a handful, risk of transmission is very low. Also, the infection has ebbed in the community as well,” mentioned Ruby common supervisor operations Subhashish Datta.

Belle Vue Clinic inner medication marketing consultant Rahul Jain mentioned it was now protected to discard full PPE gear.

If docs so need, they’re free to make use of full PPE gear in every single place, mentioned Belle Vue CEO P Tondon. “There are several senior medics who have comorbidities and prefer to stick to full PPE. But we have never charged non-Covid patients for PPE,” mentioned Tondon. Belle Vue now has 179 non-Covid sufferers towards simply two Covid sufferers.

RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) has scaled down its PPE use by discarding the face-shield in non-Covid wards. “Our health workers are still using the gown, gloves and the cap everywhere, but we may soon discontinue them in non-Covid wards,” mentioned RTIICS zonal head R Venkatesh. Number of non-Covid sufferers has swelled to 450 at RTIICS.

AMRI Hospitals have determined to discontinue PPEs at non-Covid wards, below the directions of an inner professional committee. “Our healthworkers use only N95 masks at non-Covid wards while those not serving at the wards wear just surgical masks. At the Covid wards, health workers wear full PPE, including masks, gloves headgear and gowns,” mentioned AMRI CEO Rupak Barua,

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