NASA’s James Webb Telescope Will Soon Search For Earth-Like Planets

NASA goes to start out its new mission with the assistance of its James Webb Telescope that may attain area in round 5 months from now. It is the biggest and essentially the most highly effective telescope to be launched in area. The James Webb Telescope was deployed into area utilizing the Ariane 5 launch car, which took off on December 25 final yr.

The area analysis group is utilizing the telescope to discover the universe with the principle objective to see if life exists on every other planet or star.

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The telescope is particularly going to watch a particular planetary system or a star named TRAPPIST-1 which first made the headlines 5 years again. This system is alleged to be the house to seven planets that mimic Earth’s dimensions.

“What sorts of planets may host alien life? The James Webb Space Telescope will assist deal with this query by TRAPPIST-1, a system of seven rocky planets orbiting a faint star,” NASA mentioned when it first discovered the system using other telescopes in its armoury.

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TRAPPIST-1 is placed at a distance of 235 trillion miles from Earth, and NASA seems to believe that all of these planets could potentially have water on their surface, which directly suggests the existence of living beings of some nature. NASA will be relying on the James Webb Telescope to verify its observations by looking for any sign of life in the atmosphere of these planets.

In fact, NASA seems to have targeted the fourth planet from the TRAPPIST-1 system called TRAPPIST-1e which according to the organization sits in the sweet spot of what scientists call the habitable zone. It says the fourth planet in this system gets an adequate amount of heat from the main star (like our Sun), which helps in formation of liquid water on the surface.

More details are likely to be shared by NASA once the telescope gets to work, which is going to commence before August this year.

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And we are hoping the mission provides us with vital information that could help science exploration reach new levels in the future.

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