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Pan corona wax in the works: mRNA scientist Drew WeissmanHyderabad : At a time when there are fears of the emergence of recent Covid-19 variants, American physician-scientist Dr Drew Weissman, who together with Dr Katalin Kariko labored on the mRNA vaccine platform that enabled Pfizer and Moderna to develop Covid-19 vaccines, mentioned his lab was now engaged on a pan coronavirus vaccine that may be efficient in opposition to all Covid-19 variants.

“What we are working on is making a pan coronavirus vaccine. What this vaccine will do is to protect against any bad coronavirus. So, there have been three coronavirus epidemics in the past 20 years… there is going to be more, so we want to make a vaccine that will stop any bad coronavirus from infecting humans,” mentioned Weissman, who was additionally conferring the Genome Valley Excellence Award 2022, whereas addressing contributors just about on the two-day BioAsia 2022.

He, nevertheless added that it’s unsure if this vaccine must be taken at common intervals or shall be a booster shot. He additionally didn’t point out by when the vaccine is anticipated to be prepared.

He warned until the complete inhabitants of the world is totally vaccinated, new variants will preserve cropping up.

“Variants are going to keep coming as long as there is widespread infection. We have only vaccinated 15% of Africa … until the world is fully vaccinated, variants are going to keep appearing,” he mentioned.

Over 70% of India’s grownup inhabitants has been vaccinated with double doses of Covid vaccine for the reason that launch of vaccination drive in January 2021, whereas globally round 56% of the inhabitants has been jabbed.

On mRNA vaccines, he mentioned aside from Covid-19, he and his researchers are engaged on vaccines for HIV, malaria and influenza, meals allergic reactions and most cancers.

He mentioned the mRNA platform has an important potential and can be utilized for various therapeutics. “My biggest hope is that someday it might be possible to treat genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis, hemochromatosis…,” he added.

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