Kirpal’s time out at Federation Cup

He produced a collection of superb throws on his method to the discus gold with a brand new meet file. He additionally touched 60m for the primary time in his profession.

Kirpal received on his fourth try, registering 61.83m; it was one in every of his 4 profitable throws that went previous 60m.

Makes the grade

No Indian male since Vikas Gowda has maybe appeared this good hurling a discus. Kirpal’s present was ok to fulfill the qualifying commonplace for the Asian Games.

He additionally broke the meet file that had stood for 22 years. It had been set by Anil Kumar (59.55m). Gowda’s National file, established in 2012, is kind of a way off although — at 66.28m.

Here, Kirpal was too good for the sphere. Silver medalist Parshant Malik of Haryana (54.11m) and Amit Kumar of Rajasthan (52.95m) have been barely within the image.

KM Chanda of Delhi additionally ran previous the Asian Games qualifying mark within the girls’s 800m. The 20-year-old clocked 2:02.11 to win the gold, forward of Lili Das of Bengal and Yamuna Ladkat of Maharashtra.

The outcomes:

Men: 800m: 1. Krishan Kumar (Har) 1:47.43, 2. P. Mohammed Afsal (Ker) 1:47.45, 3. Anu Kumar (Utt) 1:47.81.

pole vault: 1. Siva (TN) 4.90m & Gokul Nath (TN) 4.90m, 3. A. Gnana Sone (TN) 4.90m.

Discus: 1. Kirpal Singh (Pun) 61.83m (NMR; OR: 59.55m), 2. Parshant Malik (Har) 54.11, 3. Amit Kumar (Raj) 52.95.

Women: 800m: 1. KM Chanda (Del) 2:02.11, 2. Lili Das (Ben) 2:03.23, 3. Yamuna Ladkat (Mah) 2:03.39.

Triple bounce: 1. Karthika Gothandapani (TN) 13.14m, 2. Sandra Babu (Ker) 12.98m, 3. S. Nandhini (TN) 12.92m.

excessive bounce: 1. Abhinaya Shetty (Kar) 1.83m, 2. Gracena Merly (TN) 1.83m, 3. Kevinaa Ashwine Annavi (TN) 1.71m.

Discus: 1. Seema Punia (UP) 54.83m, 2. Nidhi Rani (Har) 52.18m, 3. Sonal Goyal (Del) 50.62m.

Heptathlon: 1. Swapna Burman (Ben) 5800 pts., 2. Mareena George (Ker) 5249, 3. Sonu Kumari (Har) 4961.

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