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Dr Ashfaq Ahmed’s love for meals and desserts led him to start running a blog. The Dakhani VO is an added bonus

Dr Ashfaq Ahmed’s love for meals and desserts led him to start running a blog. The Dakhani VO is an added bonus

Ashfaq Ahmed is a dentist with a candy tooth. Known as Dr Foodie, he makes movies that go away folks in splits by breaking down fashionable meals with sophisticated names, in Dakhani. When offered with the chance to stop his full-time career as a dentist, he did not suppose twice he would lastly have the time to discover his favourite meals hangouts. He was not running a blog his meals again then, in 2019 , He says, “I only had an Instagram account, where I was posting things whenever I could. My sister introduced me to food blogging. She suggested that I should at least post food pictures on Instagram consistently.”

Three years later, Dr Foodie has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. With no regrets for taking that lengthy to achieve that quantity, “Slow and steady wins the race,” he quips.

He reveals, “It was mostly friends and family who liked my Ig posts in the beginning. I wasn’t looking at anything beyond checking out food places more often. One thing led to the other. Before reels, I would post videos in the IGTV format. For one such video, my audio subscription got over. That was about the fancy presentation of everyday food. at a fancy Indian restaurant in a star hotel. With no audio subscription, I decided to try a voice over. Surprisingly, the video went up and I had comments with people appreciating the description. I followed this up with a post of a friend’s wedding video.”

Ashfaq posts principally about lesser-known meals joints that cater to non-vegetarians in addition to dessert locations. “Which is why I need to focus on some physical activity to stay fit and enjoy my love for food,” he provides.

Seeing the recognition of the Dakhani VO, Ashfaq began doing extra on these strains for his followers. The pace of his speech, description of the meals, its presentation and style make all of it ‘like’ worthy.

The greatest problem of his new parallel career is consuming out with household, Ashfaq says with amusing. “I am asked not only to decide the place but also the choice of food, with the others saying, ‘we are good with anything you order’. Deciding food for a group of people, especially family, is not an easy task.”

Ashfaq says when choosing which restaurant to post about, he picks those that suit his profile. “I don’t want to completely go off the flow, so picking and choosing becomes a huge task.”

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