Gaganyaan launch date unsure however in-flight menu already determined, take a look

Gaganyaan astronauts shall be fed all kinds of Indian cuisines, says DFRL of their newest revelations. Here are all the main points.

Gaganyaan, the primary manned mission to house, is but to get a launch date owing to the testing of its security techniques. However, the in-flight menu for the three astronauts has already been determined and it’s going to be a really completely different one, In a modern revelation, the Defense Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) Mysore, a lab underneath Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has confirmed what would be the menu for this 7-day journey to house for Indian astronauts when it flies in a couple of years. The menu gadgets encompass vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian meals gadgets.

In a dialog with Financial Express, the house company revealed all the main points concerning the on-board meals gadgets that the astronauts could have. Secretary, Department of Defense R&D and Chairman DRDO Dr G Satheesh Reddy stated, “Developing food consumption in zero gravity space is a new and unique challenge, and our scientists are relishing this opportunity. The initial feedback received was included and modified food products are ready for second phase of evaluation.”

Gaganyaan astronauts to get hearty Indian meals

It is said that there will be six different menus that are expected to include items such as upma, poha, and idli for breakfast. Astronauts will then have a choice of meat and vegetarian biryani for lunch. As for dinner, they can choose from chapatis and some gravy with vegetables and meat preparation.

That’s not all. Astronauts will also get the option to have halwa or any other alternative as the desert. There will also be a choice of tea, coffee and fruit juices as beverages. The DFRL says that all these food items will be treated as mildly spicy and of someone wants to make it spicier, there will be a sachet available to do the same.

It is also said that the first human mission will span for a week, which is why all the food items will be semi-hydrated. The crew will be required to add water and warm it up.

This isn’t the first time that the DFRL is working on food items for space. Back in 1984 when Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma went up to space onboard a Russian Soyuz T-11 spacecraft, the department had made special mango bars for the trip. The DFRL also has experience of developing food items for extreme weather situations for troopers posed in Siachen Glacier, submarine sailors and scientists on expeditions to Antarctica.

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