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The time period ‘Flex Fuel’ is having fun with an excellent buzz round automotive OEMs and governing companies. To some, it’s a nice concept to manage carbon emissions, whereas for a couple of, it’s a strategy to receive vitality from renewable sources. That being mentioned, plenty of confusion revolves round Flex Fuel. Quintessentially, it’s a mix of petrol and ethanol that’s utilized in IC engines to acquire comparatively much less carbon dioxide as we train the response of energy propulsion. Let’s dive just a little deeper to grasp extra about Flex Fuel, numerous ethanol blends, and the way it has the capability to cut back air pollution and the price of gasoline.

Flex Fuel’s composition

Flex Fuel or biofuel is obtained by mixing pre-defined portions of petrol and methanol/ethanol. There are numerous compositions used throughout the globe, specifically E85, E80, E10, E20 and extra. For reference, the E85 Flex Fuel includes 15 per cent petrol by quantity and 85 per cent biologically-obtained ethanol. In India, governing companies earlier notified {that a} coverage on using E80 biofuel shall be launched. In this composition, 80 per cent ethanol by quantity shall be used whereas blended with 20 per cent petrol by quantity.

Flex Fuel sources

The ethanol used for the composition of Flex Fuel is usually obtained from numerous vegetation, greens, and organic sources. For instance, Jatropha oil is likely one of the most researched sources of biofuel in our nation. Alongside, rice, corn, and different oils will also be used to acquire the ethanol of desired calorific worth.

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Benefits of utilizing Flex Fuel

The Flex Fuel brings down the content material of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and different hazardous merchandise obtained from the combustion of gasoline. For instance, the E20 mix brings down carbon monoxide emissions by near 50 per cent in two-wheelers and round 30 per cent discount in four-wheelers compared to E0.

Also, the mix additional brings down the price of gasoline as an entire. Furthermore, the BTE (Brake Thermal Efficiency) can also be elevated with using biofuel. However, the biofuel software additionally will increase the brake-specific gasoline consumption.

Flex Fuel in India

Currently, the Indian market fails to have merchandise working on Flex Fuel. However, the governing companies have confirmed to roll out mandates on using biofuel by the yr 2025. Select manufacturers like Bajaj and TVS are engaged on the event of Flex Fuel engines. In reality, TVS launched an iteration of the Apache 200 in 2019, which may run on both E100 or E80 mix. Sadly, it couldn’t discover plenty of consumers as the supply of Flex Fuel stays a miss within the nation as of now.

Can Flex Fuel be used on any autos?

The reply to the above query is not any. Only Flex Fuel-compatible autos ought to be made to run on biofuel. On common petrol and diesel engines, utilizing ethanol-blended gasoline could cause severe injury to the engine. Since ethanol is corrosive in nature. Thus, plenty of components of a petroleum/diesel motor should be modified to make it run on ethanol-blended petrol/diesel.

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