Can Proteins Set a New Era of Diabetes Treatment?

Type 2 diabetes will be managed by whey protein supplementation as per a examine on the Newcastle University, printed within the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

The examine reveals dietary potential for administration of kind 2 diabetes. Study outcomes had been obtained from steady glucose monitoring that exposed that higher management in glucose ranges on consumption of whey complement earlier than meals.

‘Consuming a small quantity of whey protein earlier than meals have been proven to regulate the blood sugar ranges amongst folks with kind 2 diabetes.’

Proteins for Diabetes

“We believe the whey protein works in two ways, firstly, by slowing down how quickly food passes through the digestive system and secondly, by stimulating a number of important hormones that prevent the blood sugars climbing so high. As we see growing numbers of people around the world developing diabetes, investigating the potential of alternatives to drugs such as food supplements becomes more important,” says Dr. Daniel West, Newcastle University, UK.

The workforce additional intends to discover the advantages of non-medical interventions by operating the examine on a bigger scale and for an extended interval of as much as six months.

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